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I’m a developer who is helping people find their digital voice.

Maiball Heidelberg

I designed the website for an esteemed ball taking place in the city of Heidelberg each May.


For the event location Boger in south Germany, I developed a unique WordPress theme from the ground up. The goal was to capture the spirit of the modern building and highlight its qualities as a luxurious locality.

EPIS ThinkTank

I finished a much-needed redesign of the EPIS ThinkTank Website using WIX. You can see the result here:

Ballroom Music

As I noticed a lack of useable websites providing music for ballroom dancing, I created a webapp with Laravel and petite-vue. It also utilises the Spotify- and YouTube-API to quickly find and add songs to the library.

Audio Game

The very term “Video Game” contains a visual component. People posessing limited or no eyesight are thus excluded from most pleasures of this medium. We developed a conceptual game that does not require any eyesight to experience.

Browser Game

Aceteroit is a browser game written entirely in TypeScript. It does not utilise any frameworks. The background is rendered with particles.js, which is the only library used in this project. The game is only playable on desktop.



Explore the last rays of sunlight on an idyllic island in south Italy.


Eberhard Gocke might be in his eighties, but this fact does not stop him from actively engaging in his demanding hobby: rowing. In this documentary, you can get to know the inspiring personality who has rowed around the world two times over.

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